Most of the Normal Station neighborhood is contained in census tract 74. All demographic data comes from the 2010 census.


Normal Station is 70% and 30% non-white, making it almost the inverse of the general Memphis population, with is 75% non-white and 25% white.


Normal Station residents are generally more young adults than most of Memphis. 38% of Normal Station residents are between the ages of 20-39 years old, compared with 28% of Memphians between those ages. The median age in Normal Station is 37 years old. The age and racial demographics are likely a result of the neighborhoods proximity to the university.


A majority - 54% - of Normal Station residents are renters. City-wide, 43% of Memphians are renters. Normal Station has a lower percent of empty housing stock than Memphis. Only 4% of Normal Station houses are vacant, compared with 7.6% of Memphis houses.

Rent, with a median of $790/month, is higher in Normal Station than Memphis, likely the result of the high demand for rental units. The median mortgage payment in Normal Station is $836/month.


Per capita income in Normal Station is $16,491/year putting it more or less on par with Memphis' $16,981/year. Median household income is almost right in line with Memphis' median, at $29,697/year. Median rent in Normal Station is 26% of an average yearly income, while the median mortgage payment is 27.5% of the average yearly income.

Significantly less Normal Station residents live in poverty than in Memphis. In Normal Station, 8% of residents live below the poverty line, compared with 14% of Memphians. Likewise, many few Normal Station families live in poverty than city-wide.